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Jaguar – Ballito

Jaguar – Ballito


Solar PV System Outline Motor Dealership Showroom – Ballito

A pure grid-tied solar generated electricity system without battery back-up has been specified to supplement the mains/grid power to the premises.

The system comprises 620 x ARTsolar PV 245w modules generating over 150kWp of electricity, mounted on top of the carport roof on an aluminum framework, feeding DC power via an estimated 6kms of solar cabling into 5 x Socomec B30 inverters that will in turn each supply up to 30KW of AC power into the building’s electrical reticulation at 400 VAC. The modules face approximately 310 degrees northwest at an inclination of between 5 and 10 degrees. These specifications are expected to yield an annual average electricity production of some 200MWh.

When the power supply from the grid goes down, the solar PV system cannot feed power into the grid as the Grid itself creates the wave form for production element on AC side.

Each inverter acts independently of the others, providing protection against the total system going down in the unlikely event of failure or any maintenance schedules.


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September 12, 2014