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Hilton College Road, Hilton

Hilton College Road, Hilton

Hilton College Road, Hilton, KZN

Solar PV Array: 6.5kWp
Inversion: 2 x 4.5kW Schneider Conext XW
Batteries: 24 x 750A/h 2V FNB MIL21S


If anyone doubts that a solar system can work deep in the heart of a renowned mist-belt, then they should see this system working. Even in the middle of a wet spring, this system is producing well over 25kw/h per day and essentially slashing grid consumption to the bone.
With 2 Schneider Conext XW 4548 inverters installed and stacked together, this system provides 9kW of pure sinewave inversion that seamlessly integrates with the grid where necessary.
My favourite part of commissioning these systems is telling the client that they should switch off the incoming grid to see what happens. In this instance the distribution board was located in the scullery above the tumble dryer, which was running at the time. He flicked the switch and smiled. The tumble dryer, a big consumer of power, kept going without hesitation.

A quick walk around the house confirmed that everything, excepting the over and under-floor heating was still working as normal: another client just one small step away from saying good-bye to the national grid entirely.


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October 27, 2014