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Bridal Veil – Waterfall

Bridal Veil – Waterfall


Solar PV Array: 5kW

Inversion: 4.5kW Schneider Conext XW

Batteries: 4 x 12V 200A/h MCA AGM Solar

There are plenty of people of people out there making an absolute shambles of installing solar PV systems, so I hesitate to say that this was an easy job. But what I will say is that this was one of those jobs where absolutely everything went as smoothly as possible.

From receipt of deposit to date of commissioning was no more than ten days, and this included a couple of heavy rain days that slowed things down a little.

The day after commissioning we received an excited call from the client to inform us that his daily power consumption had dropped from an average of 27kW hours to just 5kW hours: a trend that has continued since unabated.


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October 27, 2014